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This pool started with a TDS over 2000 ppm and a Calcium level of 900 ppm. As you can see the pool was very cloudy before and crystal clear after the use of the EcoKlear Pool Water Restoration System.



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"What a difference HiTek Aqua Systems has made with my pool. Before calling you the pool looked in such bad shape that I was considering having it re-plastered. There was a large calcium ring around the water line and the water looked dull. To put it bluntly it was not a very inviting pool.

I saw your advertisement, gave a call and you explained that you could take care of my problem pool at a very reasonable price, plus the water would be recycled. After your treatment the pool looked new, the water was clear and sparkling and the calcium ring was gone.

HiTek exceeded my expectations. My neighbors couldn't believe that it was the same pool they had seen a week before. The HiTek Aqua Systems personnel are well trained, professional and provided great customer service."

Mr. L. R. Fuchs, Jr.
Gilbert, AZ


"I wanted to take the time to express my satisfaction with your team's service!

My pool and water are two years old and I was having a very difficult time keeping my salt cell clean of mineral deposits due to the extreme hardness of my water. Following the three day process with your system my water is crystal clear and my salt system is performing as good as new.

While I'm proud to do something for the environment and save some water, using your service is so much easier than attempting to drain/fill the pool and rebalance all the chemicals. You offer a great product at a great price.

I will highly recommend Aqualabz and am certain to be a repeat customer."

Mr. G. Holscher
Phoenix, AZ

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