The EcoKlear pool water restoration system is truly the ultimate in pool water conservation!

AquaLabz is proud to announce the launch of their new pool water restoration system called EcoKlear.  The EcoKlear is an environmentally friendly method of cleaning pools.  It uses a customized filtration process to extract hard minerals and other harmful biological matter without the need to drain the pool.   This system focuses on the ever growing need to conserve water.  In Arizona alone there are over 500,000 swimming pools.  This equates to approximately 6 billion gallons of water.  If people drain their pool every 3 years this is approximately 2 billion gallons of water that either runs out into the street or sent down the sewage drain annually!

With annual treatments using the EcoKlear, pool owners can be confident that the water will be clean and safe.  The EcoKlear system will remove the excess Calcium, Cyanuric Acid, and other harmful chemicals.  In addition to the clean water, they will also have the satisfaction of helping to conserve one of our most precious resources - not to mention the money they will save on their water bill!  Our proven system is also similarly priced and often cheaper than the traditional method of draining and refilling.

With traditional draining and refilling there are potential risks.  The major risk you take is damage to the plaster due to the heat.  Swimming pools in desert climates cannot be drained when the outside temperature exceeds 85 degrees.  The pool surface can crack in the heat, which will require substantial repair costs.   This poses a big problem because we only have around 100 days per year when the temperature is low enough to drain a pool.  Also, who truly thinks about their pool during those months?  All of a sudden pool season is here, it is hot and your pool needs to be fixed.  You can’t drain it...the water is a mess....and everyone wants to swim, but you know the water is not safe.  You try to call a swimming pool service company just to find out that they are charging “Premium” rates.  Not us!  With the EcoKlear system, we will drop a unit off, let it run for a couple of days, then come back and pick it up.  It is that easy and our rates stay the same year round.

The EcoKlear  pool water restoration system does not use any additional chemicals to correct the problem.  We simply drop a couple of hoses in the pool and let our system work its magic!  Our patient pending system circulates the water through the system stripping it of harmful elements and returns clean water into the pool.

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